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Diamonds are a way of life at I.J. Gems. Always with a ready stock of high quality diamonds, some with GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or other certifications, I.J. Gems stands ready to bring to you diamonds that fit your special need and pocketbook. With a certified diamond and I.J. Gems' diamond specialists, forget the worry associated with whether you have purchased a quality diamond. You always get what you pay for, but at I.J. Gems, your money goes further.






The 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight

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Diamonds. From internally flawless to Diamonds with visible flaws, nature has provided a special stone for that special person in varied characteristics and price ranges to fit anyone's need. Most consider that there is really no substitute for the real thing and even if a gemstone is initially used in a setting, it will often be replaced with a diamond at a later date.













Forever 10, The World's Most Brilliant Diamond

IJ Gems as a IJO Master Jeweler, is proud to carry the Forever 10 Diamond. Only .001% of all rough diamonds are suitable to cut into the unmistakable 10 hearts and 10 arrows of Forever 10. Each of these extremely rare diamonds is hand crafted by one of only 50 master artisans in the world. The meticulous cutting process ensures that under any lighting condition, the superior brilliance of the Forever 10 is instantly recognizable.

In the past it was thought that Color, Clarity and Carat weight were the most significant quality factors in a diamond. Today, the Cut of a diamond is considered an even more important as it has the greatest impact on light performance. The Forever 10 cutting process allows for greater precision, and the additional facet sequences result in a brilliance that surpasses a traditionally cut diamond. With 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows the Forever 10 takes its place as the world's most brilliant diamond.

Every Forever10 diamond is painstakingly cut by hand, by diamond cutters having special training and severe precision. Very few cutters are able to cut a Forever10 diamond. While regular brilliant cut diamonds can be cut in hours, it can take days to create the perfection known as the Forever10 diamond. To keep Forever10's hearts & arrows effect, all 10 facets must be of EXACTLY the same size. The polish and symmetry are of the highest grades, the ideal cut of the Forever10 diamond guarantees it has a beautiful spread, appearing (face up) larger than other cuts. With 10 perfect hearts & arrows and 71 facets instead of the typical 57, this diamond brilliantly cascades with light. The Forever10 diamond squeezes every bit of fire it can out of the light it so effectively processes. With demonstrable beauty, overall, the Forever10 diamond scores highest in Brilliance, Dispersion, and Scintillation. Forever 10, The World's Most Brilliant Diamond Facet tidbit: the culet of the bottom of a round brilliant used ot be shaved off, creating a flat surface or another facet. Today they are a point at the bottom of the diamond, and though typically counted as a 58th, or a 72d facet, there really is no surface to be a facet.

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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds.

A clarity enhanced diamond is a diamond improved by action of man, by filling flaws in the diamond to increase the diamond's internal quality. Clarity enhanced diamonds can be purchased for significantly lower cost than a diamond that has not been enhanced, and allows a purchaser to often consider a larger diamond for a lower price. The clarity enhanced diamonds carried by I.J. Gems carry a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Purchasers of clarity enhanced diamonds are provided information on the care and maintenance of the diamond, including advising all goldsmiths who may work on the diamond's setting, of it's enhanced characteristics so that special care may be taken in handling the stone.

I.J. Gems Double-Up Policy. So long as I.J. Gems Quality Jewelers, Ltd. is in existence with present ownership, and the Diamond Market does not dramatically reverse causing a substantial downturn in retail diamond prices, I.J. Gems promises to allow any original diamond purchaser to return a reasonably undamaged and retail sellable diamond for the same price as it was purchased for, when the price is applied towards a diamond of at least twice the size of the original diamond of the same or better quality and brand. IJ Gems determination of reasonably undamaged and sellable is in IJ Gems discretion.