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Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

               Since 1983 IJ Gems has been a family owned business dedicated to offering the finest quality products and the best service available. During this time we've become close to many of you and highly value the friendship, loyalty and trust that you have shown us. As some of you know, I've been battling cancer for three years. It's become increasingly difficult to balance the demands of running a business against the time and energy needed in the fight of my life. Because time shared with my family is precious, I have decided to liquidate the inventory, tools and fixtures in a huge


We are offering huge reductions on our entire inventory at savings up to

               70% OFF

Everything must go. Don't miss the lowest prices in our history


Jacqueline Mack Hill




541-567-3975 or 800-900-3975


After over 30 years in Hermiston, IJ Gems is setting to close its doors.

"Going Out of Business Sale in progress NOW!"

Open until the final day:

M - F 10 - 6
Sat 10 - 5
Closed Sundays


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With our Going Out of Business (GOB) our sales and services will be refined as we move to shut the doors. Not all lines or services as reflected in the website will available as the sale progresses. Be sure to take advantage now of the inventory at GOB pricing.










Welcome to our Website! Please look around and check out our linked vendors!




Thinking Bridal? IJ Gems is the place!







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'NOBODY DOES I DO LIKE IJ GEMS'. We know how special that special day is and the last thing you want to wonder about is your wedding set. At IJ Gems we carry an extensive selection of in stock bridal and an almost infinite number of options which we can have available. Our staff is there to help you find the right set for you!




Nobody Does 'I Do' like

IJ Gems

Artcarved Bridal Shown





'se habla espanol'

ask for Vanessa, and J. Marie, Sales Associates,

And no Sales Tax

in Oregon!











Broaden your visit and visit our "I Do" and "Lovebright" microwebsites by clicking the logo boxes.


Shop the Ashi Lovebright Collection on our Lovebright microwwebsite and click the back arrow to return.

On our Lovebright site you can shop and make a wishlist, print a list or email a list to yourself or a friend, and then contact us at IJ Gems to make your jewelry dreams come true.



Call or email for details, and come visit us in downtown Hermiston!






We're not near the mall, and not near the price. For Quality, Value and Service after the sale, come in and see us before you invest in your future.






See our Bridal and Designer Lines Page





See our Bridal and Designer page for on line ordering with Parle'



Ashi Bridal











Shah Jewelry

If you click the image above you will get to see our Shaw "Wild" TV ad.




Shah Bridal

If you click the image above you will get to see our Shaw Bridal TV ad.








We have an extensive selection of bridal jewelry from our exclusive vendors, and a major selection of in stock rings from Charles Ligeti


Charles Ligeti Bridal

















Bauman-Massa Bridal











If Unique is what you seek, you can find it at

IJ Gems, starting with Pola's Glass Art Jewelry,

new one of a kind designs now in stock!



Mothers Rings and Pendants

Mothers Rings are right anytime -- But, plan ahead, oddly enough we don't have the birthdates of your children, your spouse, your anniversary, and all set in a fine ring - yet.









IJ Gems proudly sells Citizen Watches. This line has a five year warranty and has fine timepieces for just about anyone.




Jewelry Repair

Bring it Back to Life or Turn it in for Cash with our proven Cash For Gold precious metal recycling program

Free Cleaning and Inspection Always!

Minimal Charge for polish



You can trust your Jewelry with IJ Gems

Click the above image to see Repairs TV ad




Jewelry Clean and Check

IJ Gems does not charge a fee for basic 'clean and check' of your jewelry. That involves visual inspection for necessary repairs, and cleaning in our utrasonic 'bath', and steam cleaning of your jewelry, along with any recommendation for repairs that might be needed. It does not include refurbishing the jewelry which might include, for instance, polishing or application of rhodium white to again achieve the newness of the jewelry.




There is no warranty express or implied with clean and check. The inspection, and ultrasonic and steaming process will often identify loose stones, damaged prongs and other things which necessiate repairs. The ultrasonic bath and steaming may also identify loose stones and issues that were not able to be seen by inspection of the jewelry before cleaning. For more information see our 'Service and Goldsmithing' page.





For information on IJ Gems Cash for Gold precious metals recyling program, see our Service & Goldsmithing page.

Click above image to see our Gold Rush TV Ad.



IJ Gems is proud to serve clients from Oregon, Washington State and beyond. Located only minutes away from Pendleton, and Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, Washington.









The Gold Rush is on at IJ Gems!

IJ Gems will pay you cash for your scrap precious metals. We have been doing this for quite a while and so are not new to precious metals recycling. More information is located on our SERVICE AND GOLDSMITHING PAGE.

Gold is still at an amazing high, and now is a great time to take advantage of that high market price. Since 2000 prices have moved from around $300 troy ounce to over $1700 per troy ounce. It is a great time to recycle that scrap unwanted precious metal sitting in the jewelry box doing nothing.*


We are an accessible and value added business, saving our customers money from not being near the mall price, and without added sales tax.




Support your local small businesses.

Did you know that there are around 9.5 million small businesses with between 1-9 employees, with around 120 million employees? To reach the next 120 million employees it requires including all businesses with 10 to 1499 employees to make up the same number of employees that truely small business employs. See the US Census figures for further statistics.

Small businesses employ your friends, family and are irreplaceable to local communities.

MSN Money's Liz Weston says:

"Locally owned stores may not have the huge inventories of the big-box stores and retail chains. But that's actually a good thing. The salespeople at our local stores actually know what's in stock and can answer questions about their inventory. Though you may not find the "doorbuster" sales that the big chains use to lure customers, prices overall are reasonable, because these smaller shops know they're competing against the big guys and Internet retailers."


With small business, its all about YOU. When did you last feel that way in your retail experience??






Why IJ Gems?

  • Trust coming from a Family Tradition of Trust Since 1949.
  • Experience from a business started in 1976.
  • The same location in Hermiston since 1983.
  • Our professional and caring staff.
  • Vast Selections of jewelry
  • Free jewelry inspection - clean and check (not polishing).
  • Insurance loss replacement services.
  • Quality, Service and Value, before, during and after the Sale!
  • Bring us your comparative quote on diamonds or jewelry, and be pleasantly surprised! Ordinarily we will be able to meet or beat our competitor's prices or quality on like-kind diamond and jewelry!













IJ Gems, your


Jewelry Store










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Store sales and Promotions: See store for specific details of any sale. Sale prices are not applicable on loose diamonds and gemstones, repairs, cash for gold, previous or pending purchases, layaways, gift certificates, particular jewelry or jewelry lines at seller’s discretion, and is limited to stock on hand. Discounts do not apply to already existing sale prices and may not be combined with other discounts, coupons or promotions. Some sales, such as close outs, may not be covered by return guarantee. Other exclusions, details and matters individual to particular jewelry are available at the store. See store for details.



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